Review Policy

As you can see, these aren’t your typical reviews at all. They aren’t written in a long or even medium form and they don’t have scores attached to them. This isn’t because I lack the ability to write such a thing, it’s because my favorite reviews were the ones featured in the old gaming magazines. Those reviews were just a little box and told you everything you needed to know about what the person thought. Those did have scores obviously, but that format sat in the back of my head every time I had to read a five page, college essay review of something like Dynasty Warriors.
The lack of scores is because review scores are meaningless garbage. Simple as that. The bottom line is: just read them. The whole thing is self-explanatory. Or just read the end of it. Or don’t, I don’t care. No, I do care. Well, I care about your presence not my stupid opinions. You really shouldn’t base your potential enjoyment of a particular thing on one person’s opinion. Even if that person is probably a lot more knowledgeable in the field of said particular thing than you. That’s not to say that I am, but I probably am.