Tekken 7 features massive amounts of customization

Tekken 7 has technically been out for two years as of March 2017. It hasn’t had a large amount of customization options for that long, but if you’ve seen any footage of the game being played recently, you would have seen some pretty zany outfits. Recent videos have been popping up from people who have spent hands-on time with the game showing that the soon to be released console versions won’t be lacking in this department. From the classic to the absurd, everyone interested in this facet of Tekken (that isn’t busy complaining about how it isn’t quite as robust as TTT2) should be satisfied.

Everything is clearly earned with in-game money which, according to people, isn’t too much of a chore to earn. There is even a mode called “Treasure Battle” specifically for unlocking customization parts directly. It has a ranking system, so I’m not sure if certain items would only be available at higher ranks, but that’s probably a safe bet. I was never huge on actually getting into the customization aspect of Tekken but I enjoy seeing it and I’m pretty hyped for Tekken 7 to finally be released.

Erik Briones

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