Nioh’s Dragon of the North DLC dated for May 2

The much awaited first DLC for Nioh finally has a solid release date. Bringing along the free PVP update, Dragon of the North will introduce the fabled Date Masamune into the world of Nioh on May 2. The One-Eyed Dragon will bring along new everything to the game and be priced at $9.99.


As evidenced by the dates on these posts, I haven’t actually played Nioh yet. I was looking forward to it, but I just didn’t want to play another “Souls like” at the time. Still, Masamune is a great character in every adaptation and this DLC looks to be no exception. Should you be so inclined, you can grab the Season Pass instead which features Dragon of the North, Bloodshed’s End, and Defiant Honor and is priced at $24.99.

Erik Briones

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