Battlefield 1 Review

Available Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Developer: DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
What I Played: completed to Platinum, 45 hours of multiplayer

I’m not exactly an old hat when it comes to the Battlefield series, but I’m not exactly a greenhorn either. A friend talked me into getting 1943 a few months before Bad Company 2 came out and I’ve been hooked ever since. Battlefield 1 is a terrible title and a return to the older time periods that became so played out all those years ago. It’s not an exact return of course, as this game takes place during the far less glamorous time of World War I. You knew from the initial announcement that it wasn’t going to be exactly accurate, that it was kind of going to be Battlefield 3 or 4 with a WWI skin over it, and you knew that it would probably showcase many conventions of the modern shooter.


Sinai Desert map

campaign, Operations mode

gameplay, visuals, multiplayer, maps, cavalry class


Battlefield 1 is my favorite military shooter in quite some time. It just gets almost everything right. Their oft-touted Operations mode is a bit of a misstep for me though. It’s cool to fight across the various maps in sequence, but it seems to be way too difficult to win as the attackers. It is also, as expected, much more of an action movie than most of The Great War was. That being said, I’m not sure that getting trench foot, sitting in caves, and dying of cholera would make a good game. If you can ignore the historical aspect, you’ll find extremely solid gameplay on some of the better designed multiplayer maps in recent memory. The campaign is fine as well, but outside of a couple of levels it’s nothing too interesting. It’s very much a superior version of the “campaign” in Battlefield 3 as it serves the purpose of a tutorial for the various multiplayer aspects. Now where is Bad Company 3?

Erik Briones

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