Zombie Vikings Review

Available Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, WiiU, PC
Developer: Zoink!
Publisher: Zoink! AB,
What I Played: One playthrough that felt like an eternity

I absolutely love Beat ‘Em Ups. It is far and away my favorite genre and it has received almost no love during this “Indie Revolution” we’ve been in for the last seven years or whatever. Brawlers like Guacamelee and Dragon’s Crown were great, but they weren’t straight Beat ‘Em Ups. Zombie Vikings is closer than those games but is still not strictly in the genre. Very light RPG elements are sprinkled in to break up the potential tedium. That was obviously a bit of a disappointment for me. Why is it so hard to just make a Beat ‘Em Up? The concept is simple enough for the genre: Odin summons a group of zombie vikings to track down Loki. Seriously, it’s a simple genre.


RPG elements, writing, weightless combat




Zombie Vikings isn’t very good. Amazing that such a simple thing can have so much wrong with it. The game is much longer than it should be and that fact amplifies all the existing problems. The writing and voices get tired almost immediately. It’s really bad and really grating and is not even the worst part of it to me. The worst thing is the lack of any impact that the combat has. When you punch a Mad Gear thug with Haggar in Final Fight, grab him, then finish him off with a spinning piledriver, it is incredibly satisfying. It’s so satisfying that it doesn’t get old for an entire game. The impact sound and animation is a big part of that. Zombie Vikings doesn’t have that and it sucks the life out of the whole experience. If you shaved off a couple of hours, threw out the RPG elements, and added some grit to the combat, Zombie Vikings might be a great game.

Erik Briones

The self proclaimed “Mad Trophy Titan”, Erik started Tojo Punch with absolutely no idea what to do with a website or an Author’s Bio area; a trend that continues to this day. He has a fanatical devotion to the Beat ‘Em Up genre, an unrequited love for the Yakuza series, and a deep-seated hatred for “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”.