Salt And Sanctuary Review

Available Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, PC
Developer: Ska Studios
Publisher: Ska Studios
What I Played: completed to Platinum

Eight years ago (!!!) while I was probably throwing an expletive at the screen as the second Maneater showed up to ruin my day, I never would have thought “Souls-like” would be a term we would ever have to hear. Fast forward and we have a series of games that are among the most influential in the last generation. Salt and Sanctuary is one culmination of that influence. I’m not exactly sure it can be classified as Souls-like though, because that would imply that it is it’s own thing. This game is a Souls game through and through for better or worse.


Spindlebeast, Spindlebeast, Spindlebeast

a little too much Souls, co-op

gameplay, bosses


If you ever wanted to see a 2D Souls game, Salt and Sanctuary is exactly that. The atmosphere is dark and depressing, the combat is the main focus, and bosses can be totally unforgiving. The further along you get, the more amazed you will be at exactly how much they managed to borrow from their sovereign series. It sticks so close there really was no chance of it being anything other than good. Of course, if you don’t like those games then this won’t change your mind. I would say it’s a must play if you do though. Now maybe we can kill off the term “Souls-like”. Please?

Erik Briones

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