Overwatch Review

Available platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Developer: Blizzard
Publisher: Blizzard
What I played: 175 hours, every mode available since launch

I somehow managed to go without seeing a single pre-release gameplay video or trailer for Overwatch. I don’t know if it was because I’ve become so apathetic towards Blizzard or because it was lumped in with MOBAs which I have no interest in or what the case was but it almost totally went by me. As always, I ended up taking the plunge at the last minute. A lot of the videos I crammed in during the download process showed people constantly going on twenty players kill streaks and flying around the map. That’s not exactly my shooter cup of tea, but pre-release videos are constantly unreliable these days so I let the game speak for itself.


very little lore, player base

content updates

gameplay, characters


Overwatch manages to sidestep potential flaws to become an incredibly fun game. The only things I can even gripe about are the fact that it barely has any in-game lore and there is just something I don’t care for about the updates that have come out and what they’ve done with the game so far. I’m not exactly sure what it is. That didn’t stop me from putting in 175 hours into it and coming back for events and the like. The only thing it can’t overcome is the player base. If you’ve ever been frustrated at a team in a shooter, you may think you know what I’m talking about. You don’t. This game has the worst player base in terms of skill that I’ve ever seen. Invite some friends, pop a tranquilizer, or kick back, relax, and lower your expectations. You’ve been warned.

Erik Briones

The self proclaimed “Mad Trophy Titan”, Erik started Tojo Punch with absolutely no idea what to do with a website or an Author’s Bio area; a trend that continues to this day. He has a fanatical devotion to the Beat ‘Em Up genre, an unrequited love for the Yakuza series, and a deep-seated hatred for “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”.