Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Review

Available Platforms: Playstation 4 (released in 2015), PC
Developer: The Chinese Room
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
What I Played: completed to Platinum

“Walking simulator” is sometimes used as a term to accurately describe the gameplay of a particular style of adventure game. It is also sometimes used in a derogatory fashion for the purpose of bringing attention to the lack of any traditional gameplay. After seeing a little of it, I assumed I would be in the latter camp with Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. That’s probably why I took so long to play it. Maybe I would be wrong. The dynamic theme you got for pre-ordering it has been a regular on my XMB. Maybe the game would be just as comfy as the theme and it would fall in with other Walking Simulators I enjoy.


story, slow movement speed




Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture redefines what it means to be a boring game. You move at a snail’s pace even for the genre and the story isn’t interesting enough to justify the ten minute leisure walks between events. It’s all just a bunch of nothing. Even the plot twist, if you can call it that, is nothing. I guess that’s appropriate since that’s what’s left in the world of the game. It’s a shame that the music spends the whole time trying to support an atmosphere that doesn’t exist because that is the one positive aspect about the whole thing.

Erik Briones

The self proclaimed “Mad Trophy Titan”, Erik started Tojo Punch with absolutely no idea what to do with a website or an Author’s Bio area; a trend that continues to this day. He has a fanatical devotion to the Beat ‘Em Up genre, an unrequited love for the Yakuza series, and a deep-seated hatred for “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”.