Coffin Dodgers Review

Available Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC (released in 2015)
Developer: Milky Tea Studios
Publisher: Milky Tea Studios
What I Played: completed to Platinum

Have you ever had a friend tell you an idea that was kind of stupid but you just let them go along with it anyway? I feel like that’s what this game is. Death shows up to a retirement village and tells the residents they’re all going to die. The residents decide that’s not going to fly so they challenge Death to a kart racing tournament. That’s the game. Granted, most racers don’t have any premise. It’s just a bunch of cars and characters racing around a track. It’s still a pretty bizarre thing to base your kart racing game around. There have been more ridiculous and less coherent concepts for games though (and it has a Platinum and was on sale) so I decided to check it out anyway.


some of the tracks, Uzi pickup

gameplay, the other some of the tracks



Given a bigger budget, Coffin Dodgers could have been a pretty good game. The idea is kind of funny and it actually almost works. It just doesn’t have solid control. Sometimes it feels like you slide too much, sometimes not enough, and the speed doesn’t feel right at times. The track design is just as inconsistent. Some of them are kind of boring, some of them are fun, some manage to be both at the same time. The music is actually reasonably enjoyable though the loops can get tired. It’s very Danny Elfman-esque and fits well with the game. If you’re looking for a quirky distraction to break up the norm, I suppose you could do much worse than this game.

Erik Briones

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